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Web Development Company in Kochi - il y a 1 heure 13 min

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Surau and parking in building enhancement suggestion - il y a 5 heures 9 min

Whenever I want to edit this kind of religious POI, I found that only mosque option available. There are different for each of them. Mosque for big one and surau for small one.

I want to emphasize the surau. Surau is a small and can include in every buildings in malaysia. That's the rule for Malaysians or any investors that want to build one, they must include at least one surau.

So I want to edit to include surau in a building but there is none in the option or tag.

And other tag option like parking, ATMs, etc that can be include in a building. Maybe I can use the point but that not very convenient for a multilevel building.

This is just my rant for this subject. And if you think I missed the features option included in editor, feel free to tell me. Maybe I'm not explore them enough yet.

3ième concours de contribution à openstreetmap sur Lannion

Le "journal" d' - jeu 22 fév 2018 - 17:44

pour la troisième année consécutive la ville de Lannion organise un concours de contribution à openstreetmap dans le cadre des activités proposée pour l’événement "Libre en fête" consacré à la diffusion du logiciel libre . Cette année le thème du concours est Randonnée et Déplacements Doux le but est d'ajouter le maximum d'informations dans sur toute la zone de Lannion Trégor Communauté (LTC) alors mappeur du trégor inscrivez vous sur le le site de datarmor .

3ième concours de contribution à openstreetmap sur Lannion - jeu 22 fév 2018 - 17:44

pour la troisième année consécutive la ville de Lannion organise un concours de contribution à openstreetmap dans le cadre des activités proposée pour l’événement "Libre en fête" consacré à la diffusion du logiciel libre . Cette année le thème du concours est Randonnée et Déplacements Doux le but est d'ajouter le maximum d'informations dans sur toute la zone de Lannion Trégor Communauté (LTC) alors mappeur du trégor inscrivez vous sur le le site de datarmor .

Security system at the downtown cottage. - jeu 22 fév 2018 - 16:28

This system, thanks to the architectural features of the external fence and the house itself, is practically unnoticeable to the outside observer. This is also facilitated by the abundance of trees on the site.

Security system at the downtown cottage.


  • Security cameras
  • Motion sensors with built-in cameras on both floors in the house.
  • 2 Doorphone monitors
  • 2 Doorphone (Gate and Entrance)
  • Automatic gates (in the fence, external garage, internal garage)
  • Smart Locks
  • Mini camera in the external garage.
The main problems that can arise when collecting such systems are:
  • improper installation of CCTV cameras;
  • wrong choice of placement of CCTV cameras;
  • poor-quality products.
Let's consider these problems in more detail.

The quality and choice of security cameras for installation For the correct choice of security cameras, several important issues must be solved immediately:

  • What is the purpose of installing a CCTV camera?
  • Is there a need for a hidden camera installation?
  • Do you need a night shooting?
  • The size of the room and the area of video surveillance?
  • Should the surveillance camera monitor moving objects?
  • Is it necessary to distinguish colors?

Typical Hackaton - jeu 22 fév 2018 - 16:17

0: Registration & set-up

1: Introduction to StreetPoker and the Missing Bust project

2: Training

3: Break

4: ...

5: Second break

6: What's up?


Just a laptop (please bring your own with you) and a mouse.


1: Cool event! Good luck.

2: I will be there helping all of the day.

3: Your comment?

Civici da Telegram - jeu 22 fév 2018 - 14:51

Piersoft ha formito un prototipo a "Roma Capitale" per la rilevazione dei civici via bot Telegram.

La umap contiene in basso a sinistra il collegamento per scaricare i dati raccolti in formato csv.

I dati sono di pubblico dominio (CC0); contengono tra l'altro la data di rilevazione, il geocoding (via Nominatim) della strada ed il civico, inserito dal rilevatore; per importarli in Openstreetmap è necessario convertirli per esempio con csv2osm avendo cura di:

  1. rinominare i campi utli del .csv:
    lat, lon,,,survey:date,,,source,,,,,addr:housenumber,

  2. adattare i valid_tags del .py
    valid_tags = ['addr:housenumber', 'survey:date', 'source']

  3. eseguire la conversione: python map_data.txt > civici.osm

Importato in JOSM il file civici.osm, eliminare errori di battitura o civici non validi, cercandoli (CTRL+F) con la stringa:

"addr:housenumber"=[0-9]*[a-z] or "addr:housenumber"=[0-9]*

avendo cura di abilitare "espressione regolare" tra i checkbox a sinistra.

Ovviamente resta il problema della "conflation", ovvero di importare solo i civici che non sono stati già mappati.

Why I need OpenStreetMap - jeu 22 fév 2018 - 13:44

(written in response to the discussions here and elsewhere, prompted by this blog post, which was in itself presumably prompted by this HN item)

Yesterday was a nice day, so I decided to walk from Derby to Alfreton (roughly here). The criteria were pretty simple:

  • No muddy paths
  • Only roads with footpaths alongside (sidewalks in OSM terms), or if necessary, grass verges (or very minor roads)
  • Somewhere to stop for something decent to drink and a bite to eat.

Ignoring "automatic routing" altogether, what map provider in the UK has that data? OSM does (at least in the area that I'm interested in). Google sort-of does - I'm sticking to roads here, and via their StreetView I can see that e.g. Codnor Denby Lane does have somewhere to safely walk, but it's not really practical to "virtually walk" an entire route in Google's StreetView to check it before setting off. HERE has some aerial imagery but not with enough detail. The UK's Ordnance Survey surely has most of the data, but getting at it is hard (even if you pay them money). The small map on this page can be zoomed in to hint at sidewalk info, but neither the buyable OS Explorer map (which I have a copy of) nor this page which I presume is based on OS OpenData, do. Bing can show basic road info and their own or OS Explorer's map style, but no "is this walkable" information.

With regard to POI data, Google was (until yesterday) the only one that had the correct name for this pub, and does link through to food and beer details (even CAMRA, usually the go-to guide for this sort of thing, are out of date). However, there's no differentiation on the map beyond a "place that serves food" icon and a mousover blurb ("family friendly chain pub and restaurant").

So am I missing something - is there anyone out there with this level of data that's available in an accessible format, other than OSM?

Alla ricerca delle permanenze del re in Sicilia - jeu 22 fév 2018 - 13:31

Nell'ambito del progetto #cittasenzamemoria è stata aggiornata la verifica dei toponimi dedicati a Vittorio Emanuele III in Sicilia.

I dati provengono dalla mappa di OpenStreetMap finalizzata a creare una cartografia a contenuto libero del mondo. Le informazioni della mappa sono liberamente accessibili su licenza ODbL ed aggiornate ogni giorno. Per facilitare la consultazione i toponimi sono anche consultabili sulla mappa on line dedicata. In totale sono stati individuati 39 odonimi qui di seguito riportati:

id toponimo Comune

1 Via Vittorio Emanuele III Monterosso Almo
2 Via Vittorio Emanuele III Chiaramonte Gulfi 3 Galleria Vittorio Emanuele III Messina

4 Corso Vittorio Emanuele III Campobello di Mazara
5 Piazza Vittorio Emanuele III Bagheria
6 Via Vittorio Emanuele III Lercara Friddi
7 Via Vittorio Emanuele III San Mauro Castelverde
8 Via Vittorio Emanuele III Santa Cristina Gela
9 Via Vittorio Emanuele III Valledolmo

10 Via Vittorio Emanuele III Basicò
11 Via Vittorio Emanuele III Brolo
12 Corso Vittorio Emanuele III Mazzarrà Sant'Andrea
13 Via Vittorio Emanuele III Monforte San Giorgio
14 Via Vittorio Emanuele III Montalbano Elicona
15 Via Vittorio Emanuele III Rometta 16 Piazza Vittorio Emanuele III Spadafora

17 Piazza Vittorio Emanuele III Acquedolci
18 Via Vittorio Emanuele III Lentini
19 Corso Vittorio Emanuele III Francofonte
20 Via Vittorio Emanuele III Belpasso
21 Via Vittorio Emanuele III Acireale
22 Piazza Vittorio Emanuele III Niscemi
23 Piazza Vittorio Emanuele III Resuttano
24 Piazza Vittorio Emanuele III Sommatino
25 Piazza Vittorio Emanuele III Vallelunga Pratameno
26 Corso Vittorio Emanuele III Catenanuova
27 Via Vittorio Emanuele III Acquaviva Platani
28 Via Vittorio Emanuele III San Biagio Platani
29 Liceo Vittorio Emanuele III Patti

30 I.T.S.T. Vittorio Emanuele III Palermo
31 I.C. Vittorio Emanuele III Palermo
32 Corso Vittorio Emanuele III Palazzolo Acreide
33 Via Vittorio Emanuele III Canicattini Bagni
34 Piazza Vittorio Emanuele III Mascali
35 Via Vittorio Emanuele III Fiumefreddo di Sicilia
36 Via Vittorio Emanuele III Piedimonte Etneo
37 Liceo classico Vittorio Emanuele III di Patti - Sede di San Piero Patti
38 Ospedale Vittorio Emanuele III Salemi
39 Via Vittorio Emanuele III Favignana

Nel dettaglio i singoli odonimi sono anche visualizzabili sulla pagina wiki del progetto #cittasenzamemoria relativa alla Sicilia.

Metodo di lavoro

Il metodo di lavoro è consistito nel verificare i dati provenienti Censimento ISTAT 2011. Se la via è presente nel data base ISTAT attraverso fonti ancillari si è determinato che le targhe siano effettivamente intestate a Vittorio Emanuele III e non hai suoi due omonimi predecessori (Vittorio Emaneuele I e II). Se la verifica è positiva si è controllato la presenza della strada su OpenStreetMap. Il risultato prodotto è stato che quasi tutti i 29 odonimi controllati erano per lo più già presenti e dunque accertati dalla locale comunità di utenti OpenStreetmap.

I toponimi individuati sono in linea con i risultati del referendum del 2 giugno 1946 nel quale i favorevoli alla Repubblica persero con una percentuale del 39,0% nella circoscrizione di Palermo e con il 31,8% in quella di Catania.

E' da sottolineare in relazione sull' opportunità di cambiare i nomi delle vie intitolate a persone che attualmente non godono di una memoria dignitosa il caso del Comune di Catania che in data 18/10/2017 ha modificato il nome alla piazza intitolata a Vittorio Emanuele III in piazza Ettore Majorana con atto deliberativo della Commissione toponomastica del Comune di Catania del 28 Aprile del 2015.

Considerazioni finali

Il valoro svolto sulla Sicilia dimostra che la mappa di OpenStreetMap può essere considerata una valida base dati affidabile e certificata dalla stessa comunità di mappatori volontari che con il loro certosino lavoro, verificano, controllano e aggiornano i dati presenti sulle mappe.


How are you "supposed" to map landuse? - jeu 22 fév 2018 - 13:24

I know exists, but I've got a separate question...

Basically, is it intended for landuse to eventually cover the whole entire globe, so that every available spot of land is marked as either residential, commercial, parkland, or water, etc? Or should landuse only cover a few areas, while the vast majority of the map is left as "standard" empty grey?

The European countries seem to have a lot more landuse cover than the US, so should I use them as an example?

The "residential" landuse is what's confusing me here, in particular, because I could mark vast swaths of the map (think apartment blocks, suburban neighborhoods) as "residential", or I could leave them unmarked. Same goes for things like "forest" and "farmland"... should all woods and fields be marked with landuse, or just left empty? Not sure what the usual approach is.

Der Hufelandplatz ohne Namen - jeu 22 fév 2018 - 11:20

Die Geschichte um die Namensgebung des Platzes an der Hufelandschule am Kopf des Backenberg hat Gestern dank der Gründung der Bochumer OSM Gruppe eine Interessante Wendung genommen.

Der Ort hat laut Stadtverwaltung (Bezirksvertretung/Rat/offiziellem Stadtplan) keinen Namen. Trotzdem findet man ihn auf OSM (jetzt loc_name), Google Maps, Nextbike Station, diversen Infotafeln an den Eingängen der Hustadt unter dem Namen Hufelandplatz.

Anlässlich des 50 Jubiläums der Hustadt wird die Angelegenheit hoffentlich zu einem Beschluss der Politik führen der nicht unbedingt auf den Namen Hufelandplatz hinausläuft. Dieser ist nämlich ohne Absprache von den Architekten des Umbau (Stadtumbau West Programm) gewählt worden.

Namenvorschläge ?

Umap handling improvements - jeu 22 fév 2018 - 8:39

Umap overlay support hat a slightly bumpy start, so I may have put it on the public server too early, but should now be fully usable in single page mode.

Fixes and improvements applied during the last two days include:

  • rendering doesn’t fail anymore when certain properties are not found
  • per-layer defaults are now taken into account in addition to global ones
  • the “circle” and “ball” markers are now rendered properly
  • whether a marker icon should be black or white is now reliably detected
  • external marker icons referenced by http: or https: URLs are now downloaded and displayed
  • dash patterns are supported when rendering lines
  • the map title field is pre-filled with the Umap map name
  • when the umap file uses a tile layer style supported by this MapOSMatic instance it is auto selected

Things that are still missing or need to be fixed:

  • Umap overlay rendering in multi page format
  • handling of label display options
  • vertical marker positioning may still be minimally too low or high

Besseres Mappen mittels Gaming Hardware - mar 20 fév 2018 - 19:37

Meine Maus ist eine kabelgebundene Gaming Maus.

Gaming Mäuse sind mit mehreren -oder vielen zusätzlichen Funktionstasten ausgestattet.

Und das schönste, Gaming Mäuse gleitet über den Bildschirm, sanft wie eine Feder, zieht Linien so scharf und präzise wie ein chirurgisches Instrument.

Ohne Gaming Maus macht übrigens OSM Zeichnen nur wenig Spaß.

Gönne Dir daher eine Gaming Maus !

Meine neue Refernz Maus:

Hier meine erste speziell auf den Editor JOSM angepasste Konfiguration meiner neuen Referenz Gaming Maus ROCCAT TYON.

Vorbereitung: Bevor Funktionstasten von Gamingmäusen belegt werden können, muss man in JOSM noch nicht vorhandene Tastenkombination hinzufügen.

Folgende Sondertasten habe ich in JOSM für diesen Zweck konfiguriert: Tastendruckzuweisung Strg+Umschalt+H (öffnet die JOSM Werkzeugleiste:Zivilisationsbauten)

Hilfreich ist auch das JOSM Plugin: utislplugin2

Hinweis: seitliche Taste 4 (meine Tastendruckzuweisung contr+shift+h) öffnet die Vorlage Gebäude Besonders das seitliche TYON Paddel hat es mir angetan. Per Daumenbewegung wechsle ich fast intuitiv mit (simulierter Tasten "A" bzw. "S") zwischen Mauszeiger JOSM Funktion "Objekt Auswählen" und "Punkte Setzen". So macht mit dem Editor JOSM Mappen Spaß.

DPI Einstellung:

Für OSM Zwecke optimiert: Maximale Auflösung (8200 DPI), in Kombination mit minimaler Sensitivität, machen aus einer Gaming Maus ein Skalpell.

ROCCAT TYON Ergänzung JOSM Plugin: austriaaddresshelper

Bekanntlich empfiehlt sich für uns Österreicher nun die Verwendung des neuen Tools austriaaddresshelper (Dank an Thomas Konrad)

Konfiguration: JOSM ( ev: benötigt Java ) JOSM Bearbeiten-Einstellungen Plugin austriaaddresshelper installieren JOSM neu starten

Tyon Driver Programm öffnen, Roccat Maustaste Nr 19 mit der Funktion [Assign a Shortcut] und strg+shift+a belegen

Funktion: Gebäudeumriss zeichnen. Umriss auswählen. ROCCAT Taste 13 (mittlere Finn nach rechts) betätigen. (das JOSM Plugin fügt nun -sofern existent- die BEV Adresse hinzu) Mittels Layer die korrekte Übernahme der Adresse kontrollieren.

Meine Empfehlung: Ab sofort bei jeder Bearbeitung eines Gebäudes auch die Gebäudeadresse aktualisieren. Bei bestehenden Gebäuden achte ich hierbei darauf ob sich die Hausnummer ändert. Bei einer Veränderung den Layer einblenden, und die Ursache für die Adressänderung ergründen. Beispielchangeset:

talk-at Mail Plattform Account einrichten - mar 20 fév 2018 - 19:36

In Österreich finden wesentliche Teile der Diskussion zu OSM, in einer sogenannten Mail Plattform statt. Mein Lesezeichen hierzu

Vorbereitung: man benötigt

  • einen E-Mail Client (Account) der fix auf ASCII-Text eingestellt ist
  • eine E-Mail Adresse bei welcher der Absender Name mitgesendet wird.

In der Struktur, wird auf talk oftmals unter dem Realnamen des OSM Mitglieds gepostet. OSM Pseudonyme werden manchmal angegeben. Seltener wird als Identität allein der OSM Pseudonym angewandt,

Eine Registrierung startet nun hier: Überraschend, das Passwort wird anschließend der Registrierung per Mail im Klartext übermittelt, daher empfiehlt es sich tunlichst, ein neues noch nicht in Verwendung befindliches Kennwort zu verwenden.

Ältere Themen kann man hier einsehen: Ich habe festgestellt dass man als neu registrierter keinen Zugriff auf ältere Themen hat. Daher zu diesen, nicht interagieren oder Antworten kann.

Meine erste Erfahrung, man muss sehr genau darauf achten wie man einer Mail antwortet, die Struktur der Diskussion in der jeweiligen Mail verschachtelt, finde ich mittels Browser basierten Mail Systemen als sehr unübersichtlich. Besserung verschafft hier die Anwendung einer dezidierten Mail Client Software.

Aggiornamento zona Gasponi (VV) - mar 20 fév 2018 - 17:08

Sto procedendo ad aggiornare il mio paese natale sulla base delle immagini satellitari, di Google Street View e della mia memoria.

Una prima versione è completata, occorrerà a questo punto inserire:

-dettagli idrografici;

-attività imprenditoriali private (per lo più B&B);

-contorni più dettagliati per gli edifici del paese;

Naturalmente sto apportando modifiche anche in tutto il comprensorio tropeano per i dettagli importanti ancora non inseriti (per es. indicazione dell'ospedale, delle stazioni di polizia, cimiteri) o per errori grossolani già presenti (per es. la chiesa del Purgatorio a Tropea inserita due volte)

Aussie POS - mar 20 fév 2018 - 12:51

An Australian point of sale supplier. It offers pos hardware and software within an affordable range of top brands that suit every business. For more information, visit our site @ aussiepos

Umap overlay support added - mar 20 fév 2018 - 10:56

As an alternative to GPX uploads it is now also possible to uploaed saved Umap maps and render the contents as an overlay.

The visual results are not perfect yet, especially when it comes to marker positioning, and rendering symbols within markers, further improvements are upcoming over the next week or two, but current results are already promising and somewhat usable.

Example 1:

Original Umap

Example 2:

Style annotations - mar 20 fév 2018 - 10:44

Finally implemented a feature long overdue: the footer text now not only contains information about the software and the data source, but also about the style used to render the map, and about all overlay styles used on top of it.