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Cheap car Insurance Santa Ana CA - lun 25 juin 2018 - 8:13

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Bokep - lun 25 juin 2018 - 7:01

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What is ibogaine - lun 25 juin 2018 - 7:01

Ibogaine is a single compound extracted from the root of the Tabernanthe iboga bush, which contains several other less potent psycodelic compounds. Ibogaine is effective in interrupting addictions to a number of substances including heroin, suboxone, methadone, oxycodone, amphetamine, methamphetamine, cocaine, nicotine and alcohol.

Сервис для построения интересных пешеходных маршрутов на базе OSM данных - lun 25 juin 2018 - 0:07

Сделал тут пешеходный навигатор, который строит не кратчайшие, а наиболее интересные пешеходные маршруты - т.е. содержащие больше достопримечательностей и всяких туристических объектов, проходящие через парки и набережные.

Вот пример, вместо кратчайшего пути через дворы (как поведет любой другой навигатор, что Яндекс, что Гугл, что дефолтный GraphHopper) мой ведет мимо исторического музея, Чесменской церкви и дворца и дома Советов. Примерно на 10% длиннее, но гораздо интереснее, сам таким маршрутом предпочитал ходить. Слева еще показывает список достопримечательностей со ссылками (если у объектов есть теги wikipedia или url или website):

Пока только веб-версия тут:

Как работает: выдираем из OSM данные о достопримечательностях (объекты с тегами tourism, а так же парки, набережные и исторические здания), строим области видимости (простой raycast алгоритм), затем берем библиотеку GraphHopper для роутинга, уменьшаем веса ребер графа там где видны какие-то достопримечательности, тем самым притягивая маршруты к этим точкам.

Конечно в реальности там вагон и маленькая тележка нюансов, часть из них я описал на хабре

Пока работает только в нескольких городах (на карте выделены красным пунктиром), по заявкам добавляю новые. Можно тестировать и писать отзывы в группе ВК

Обсуждение на хабре показало, что спрос на подобный навигатор есть, теперь думаю как его развивать дальше.

weeklyOSM 413 - dim 24 juin 2018 - 13:00


    FIFA World Cup 2018 Stadiums in Russia 1 | © Harry Wood © map data OpenStreetMap contributors

  • On the tagging mailing list there was a discussion on whether amenity=shelter implies a building=yes tag. Judging from the answers, the topic is more complex than expected.
  • The OSM US Camera lending program is so popular that the goal needed to keep the camera had to be increased to 1 million OSC contributions, in order to ensure sustainability of the program. This will only affect new applicants.
  • [1] After Harry Wood featured the FIFA World Cup stadiums on as "photo of the week", ШТОСМ studied the maps and imagery for each of them and explains the reasons behind sub-par representation of these stadiums on OSM. Turns out there was no project to map any of these and there is still no recent imagery for the cities. The author points out that OSM still "won" by being used in MAPS.ME, which is the official partner of Rostourism.
  • Mapbox discontinues its support of their navigation data map.
  • Norgeibilder is the best available imagery for Norway, and the OSM community obtained permission to use it for mapping. With the latest release of iD the new orthophoto layer is now the default in iD, via the Editor Layer Index. Laser imagery (both DSM and DTM) is also available for the whole country, also through the ELI.
  • Mapbox has released 184,000 possible turn restrictions for more than 35,000 intersections in 23 cities in the USA. The restrictions can be viewed on a map (takes time to load). The restrictions should be double checked before entering them into OSM.
  • OSM Belgium has named Matšeliso Thobei (OSM tshedy) from Maseru in Lesotho as Mapper of the month. Matšeliso is currently studying spatial planning in Ireland and has mapped extensively during her 3 years at OSM. In the interview she tells how she came to OSM, explains her motivation and her background.
  • The first of the Top Ten Tasks, a reporting function and complaint management system for, has been in use since June 16. Users, map notes (both by mail to the DWG) and spam diary entries (message in IRC channel #osm-dev) can now be reported in the browser with a few mouse clicks.
  • nyampire published a blog post about Shinsyu University of International’s switch to OSM. SUI is a fake university and famous for pranks in Japan. As SUI wrote in the html source "In order to avoid harm to OSM" they added their "university" only to a local instance of OSM data.
  • The SotM Latin America 2018 will take place on September 24th in Buenos Aires. Proposals can be submitted until August 25.
  • Mappy published its report of SotM-FR 2018. The conference covered many topics, including pedestrian, cyclist and automotive navigation, public transport, humanitarian mapping, tools for mapping and a lot of new ideas.
  • Víctor Olaya presented his book "Introduction to GIS", available under CC-BY license. You can find it on GitHub.
  • Richard Fairhurst shows on Twitter the differences due to the new clustering of bicycle parking spaces on
  • Last week’s defibrillator map is – as some readers have noted – not updated. Therefore we would like to draw your attention to two alternatives today: emergency-map by wambacher and defibrillators in Austria.
  • Christoph Hormann continues his series of suggested improvements to the rendering of water related objects. After his blogpost about waterbodies and fords "Water under the bridge" he follows up with a new post "The way of the water" with suggestions on how to improve the rendering of water barriers i.e. dams, lock gates and weirs as well as water sources, namely fountains and springs. Here is an example implementation that he published on GitHub.
  • The EU Parliament’s Legal Affairs Committee has endorsed the new EU Copyright Directive, which introduces an ancillary copyright for headlines and text excerpts as well as upload filters. The plenary will vote on it in the first week of July. Wikimedia Germany presents their view. On you can sign a petition against the upload filters and ancillary copyright.
  • The BBBike extract service now offers OpenStreetMap data extracts in GeoJSON format. The step follows the shutdown of all of Mapzen’s services, including the Metro extracts, where the GeoJSON download was an often used feature. GeoJSON is an open alternative to the proprietary ESRI-Shapefiles.
  • Mapbox announced the release of RobotSat. While the OSM blog post highlights the feature extraction from aerial and satellite images with "polygon recommendation" at the end, the announcement at also mentions tracking of deforestation, fires and landuse as well as measuring the impact of natural disasters and humanitarian crisis.

    With the Robosat recognising multiple features based on the aerial and satellite images, this is a step towards using AI or machine learning for mapping, Christoph Hormann (imagico) points to his own blogpost and we also previously reported about the research paper that talks about issues related to the same.

  • The company Sentiance announced Loc2Vec, an AI product to predict human behaviour. The neural network consumes location data like tiles generated by customized OSM-Carto stylesheets and outputs semantic similarity between different locations. Very simple put, the system gets some intuition and can say which venue a person is more likely to visit based on a given inaccurate location.
  • In the OSM forum a user asks for data sources for city models. He is working on the project that aims to become a JavaScript library that can display interactive 3D maps with map tiles, imagery, vector data, markers and 3D objects.
  • Biswesh Mohapatra wrote a blog post on his background, how he came to the Google Summer of Code 2018 and his experience about working on the JOSM PT_Assistant plugin.
  • Princi Vershwal wrote a blog post on her work on Vector Tiles for the iD Editor during the Google Summer of Code project. She prepared the implementation of data in .pbf (Protocolbuffer Binary Format) and .mvt (Mapbox Vector Tiles) format.
  • The current release state of the software around OSM can be found on wambacher’s software-wachtlist.
  • Version 0.9 of the OSM-C-Tools (Osmconvert, Osmupdate, Osmfilter) has been released.
  • Version 2.9.0 of the iD editor was released. Support for Bing Streetside 360-degree panoramic image layer was added among other features. A Microsoft employee explains on the GitHub pull request which usage of the imagery is permitted and which not.
OSM in the media
  • The Italian newspaper La Stampa publishes an article about the upcoming State of the Map in Milan.
  • Grab (the Uber of the East) has been sponsoring a number of mapathons in Myanmar, Indonesia, Philippines, and Singapore. Their latest effort in Malaysia, with 50 university students, has generated a number of articles in the press including this one on Behind the Wheel.
Other “geo” things
  • Nastya Parygina published an article about FOAM. It is intended to replace more traditional geospatial databases with blockchain technology. It claims to be decentralized, up-to-date due to economic incentives and technology agnostic and has trusted historical data due to blockchain technology with a higher accuracy compared to GPS. A white paper goes a little bit more into the details. With regards to OSM, the article wrote that FOAM will solve the issues of unverified edits and the vandalism in general.
  • An article on The Conversation discusses why we cannot always trust what we can see in satellite imagery.
  • Topi Tjukanov wrote an article about the database PostgreSQL with its PostGIS extension, targeting consumers of spatial data. However, the article is worth reading for anyone who wants an easy written explanation of what PostgreSQL and PostGIS are and why it is worth using them.
  • Xiaomi has launched the world’s first dual-frequency GNSS smartphone, bringing decimetre levels of accuracy to consumer grade equipment. The new GNSS chip BCM47755 used by Xiaomi is able to receive all currently available satellite positioning systems i.e. the European Galileo, the well known US based GPS, the Russian GLONASS, the Chinese Beidou and the Japanese system called QZSS.
Upcoming Events
    Where What When Country Mumble Creek OpenStreetMap Foundation public board meeting 2018-06-21 Leoben Stammtisch Obersteiermark 2018-06-21 Essen Mappertreffen 2018-06-22 Kyoto 幕末京都マッピングパーティ#05:会津藩と京都守護職 2018-06-23 Essen 4. OSM-Sommercamp und 10. FOSSGIS-Hackingevent im Linuxhotel 2018-06-22-2018-06-24 Amagasaki あまらぶBosai literacy+:地域防災マップ作成講座 2018-06-24 Rome Incontro mensile 2018-06-25 Bremen Bremer Mappertreffen 2018-06-25 Lübeck Lübecker Mappertreffen 2018-06-28 Dusseldorf Stammtisch 2018-06-29 Stuttgart Stuttgarter Stammtisch 2018-07-04 Bochum Mappertreffen 2018-07-05 Urspring Stammtisch Ulmer Alb 2018-07-05 Ise 世古をマッピング!:伊勢マッピングパーティ 2018-07-07 Munich Münchner Stammtisch 2018-07-10 Cologne Köln Stammtisch 2018-07-11 Berlin 121. Berlin-Brandenburg Stammtisch 2018-07-12 Milan State of the Map 2018 (international conference) 2018-07-28-2018-07-30 Dar es Salaam FOSS4G & HOT Summit 2018 2018-08-29-2018-08-31 Buenos Aires State of the Map Latam 2018 2018-09-24-2018-09-25 Detroit State of the Map US 2018 2018-10-05-2018-10-07 Bengaluru State of the Map Asia 2018 (effective date to confirm) 2018-11-17-2018-11-18 Melbourne FOSS4G SotM Oceania 2018 2018-11-20-2018-11-23

    Note: If you like to see your event here, please put it into the calendar. Only data which is there, will appear in weeklyOSM. Please check your event in our public calendar preview and correct it, where appropriate.

This weeklyOSM was produced by Anne Ghisla, Nakaner, Polyglot, SK53, Spec80, SunCobalt, YoViajo, derFred, jinalfoflia, keithonearth.

BBC News Video on Impact of Mapping - dim 24 juin 2018 - 12:45

Just came across this in my news feed. Don't know if he uses OSM data, but in any event the video is compelling.

Update NEW map imagery [necessary] - dim 24 juin 2018 - 9:41

OSM needs a new version of layers ,new imagery satellite layers , I found HERE map satellite its really a new map imagery that we can use full edits and see new roads with buildings... I hope of OSM to add new updated layers for contributing better by users ...

HERE MAP 2018:

OSM 2018 :

Пройдемся еще раз по лесу и его проблемам разметки на карте. - sam 23 juin 2018 - 16:44

Пройдемся еще раз по лесу и его проблемам разметки на карте.

Визуальное отображение деревья на карте и в редакторе JOSM - sam 23 juin 2018 - 16:27

Что мы имеем сейчас на карте безликую зеленую точку с зеленым ореолом, которая не дает никакой информации, не о типе деревьев не о их виде, аналогичная ситуация и с редактором JOSM по умолчанию там нет ни одного стиля, чтобы хоть как-то различать данную информацию о об этих объектах.

И как тут не вспомнить фильм 5 элемент, когда Руби Род после эфира спрашивает у ассистентов: "Как прошло?", а они ему: "О, зелено!", он им: "Как зелено!!!?", они ему: "О, зелено, зелено, зелено!!!!!! " :-)

Что бы хотелось видеть, это визуальное отображение данной информации на карте и в редакторе JOSM

Мое предложение можно размечать деревья их плодами, это хоть как-то спасет сложившуюся безликую ситуацию представлений деревьев, да я понимаю множество схожих видов имеют аналогичную форму плода, виды деревьев тоже, но как правило схожие по форме плоды далеки по своему ореолу распространения, апельсин и яблоко в России, да есть и схожие распространенные территориально близко, такие как апельсин и мандарин, вишня и черешня. Но согласитесь все же это лучше, чем ни иметь никакого визуального представления.

Что это дает:

  1. Первое это улучшенное ориентирование на местности.
  2. Упрощает редактирование карты.
  3. Достижение конечных целей и поставленных задач, к примеру, при по ходе за грибами, так как грибы произрастают в конкретных лесах определенного типа.
  4. Важный аспект при планирование отдыха или занятиями спорта, знания лесного массива его породной составляющий для людей с заболеваниями сосудистого-сердечного-легочного характера, для которых переизбыток кислорода или нехватка токового может оказаться под час причиной летального исхода. Не в меньшей степени это касается и здоровых людей, ведущих не активный образ жизни, городских жителей. Многие леса просто не предназначены для некоторых видов спорта, или же недостаточно хороши для них.
  5. Это размножение, миграция, насекомых, животных и птиц в определенные сезонные периоды времени, а также их заболевания – эпидемии, что может повлечь за собой неблагоприятные последствия для людей так животных.

И напоследок очень хотелось бы видеть данный стиль встроенным в редактор JOSM по умолчанию и данную информацию о деревьях на карте,

В качестве послесловия обращение к разработчикам :

Пусть мама услышит пусть мама придет Пусть мама меня непременно найдет :-)

Из мультфильма «Мама для Мамонтёнка, песенка мамонтенка.

railway=tram m( - sam 23 juin 2018 - 13:33

Gegeben sei: (mapillary)

Dieses Gewirr wollte ich gerade geradebiegen, kuck ich so ins Wiki um zu schauen, wie man das in schön machen kann, und das Wiki sagt:

Wo Trams auf einem von der Straße umschlossenen Gleiskörper verlaufen, werden die Trams als zwei Spuren und die Straße als Linien auf beiden Seiten gezeichnet. Straße und Trams können mit oneway=yes getaggt werden.

Wo ich mich dann frage: Könnte man das nicht alles noch etwas komplizierter und umständlicher machen?

The Southern Cross of the Russian Empire, and A Neat Trick with Mapillary GPX FIles - sam 23 juin 2018 - 11:39

You learn something new every day. Monday I traveled to Serhetabad, on the border with Afghanistan, and collected Mapillary imagery en route that is now being uploaded (please be patient, the Internet is slow here). Mapillary also collects accurate GPX files along with the images, and I have learned that if I copy them from the SD card onto my computer, pull them all into EasyGPS, and save them merged as a single file, I have an accurate GPS trace of my entire route. I may be a slow learner, but I'm at least still learning!

On a hilltop in Serhetabad one finds one of four crosses erected by the Russian Empire in 1913 to celebrate the 300th anniversary of the Romanov dynasty. The four crosses marked the four farthest flung points of the compass, and this was the south compass point. The other three have been taken down but this cross survives.

Steven Goldmann - sam 23 juin 2018 - 8:19

Built company from ground up based on entrepreneurial ideas, cost effective consulting and the ability to interact well with clients. This led to consistent follow up implementation of training material and consistent support for clients. Hired 4 Tech’s, two Tier 1’s, T3 and T4, asking T1 techs to be the single point of contact customers when calling with technical issues. This aided T1 tech in learning new skills, freeing T3, T4 for things that required dedicated support of those levels. Ensuring customers where not routed to multiple personnel easing the customer support experience. For more details

Mapeando Cidades do Interior de Pernambuco. - ven 22 juin 2018 - 19:16

Boa Tarde,

Hoje estou mapeando e fazendo melhorias e inserindo nome de Ruas em algumas cidades do Interior de Pernambuco como Lagoa Grande, Orobó, Cabrobó e outras cidades que ainda estou inserindo nomes, como tinha observado o mapa do IBGE no OSM está atualizado e sendo assim podemos inserir nome de ruas sem maiores dificuldades e isso que estou fazendo...

passeando virtualmente pelo mapa do OSM no interior de pernambuco e mapeando as cidades onde os nomes das ruas aparecem no mapa OSM.

Estou em paralelo também mapeando a Cidade do Recife com a Tag Postal_Code ou Código Postal de Ruas do Município do Recife.

O trabalho continua.... boa tarde a todos e vamos sem frente!!!!


OpenStreetMap Carto release v4.12.0 - ven 22 juin 2018 - 17:18

Dear all,

Today, v4.12.0 of the OpenStreetMap Carto stylesheet (the default stylesheet on the OSM website) has been released. Once changes are deployed on the it will take couple of days before all tiles show the new rendering.

Changes include:

Major changes

  • Dropped subpixel accuracy for areas, which includes tuning some database indexes. When deployed, it might speed up reading data.


  • Added rendering “surface” tag on roads with a pattern
  • More vertical objects rendering and tuning (man_made=tower types, man_made=chimney, man_made=communications_tower)
  • tourism=information types rendering and tuning (information=audioguide, board, guidepost, map, office, tactile_map, tactile_model and terminal)
  • Added rendering for place=quarter
  • Added rendering of historic=city_gate
  • Added rendering of lock_name
  • Ditch and drain name labels are rendered with some offset
  • Pixel aligned ford icon
  • Made amenity=shelter icon brown
  • Finer man_made=pier width rendering
  • Rendering living street tunnels different from residential
  • Added rendering of overground power=cable like power=line
  • Small documentation and code fixes

Thanks to all the contributors for this release including Adamant36 and M1dgard, new contributors. I also like to thank nebulon42 who left our team due to a change of his priorities for all the work on this style and the tools we're using!

For a full list of commits, see

As always, we welcome any bug reports at

Porsche - ven 22 juin 2018 - 12:39

Out of all the big brands of the cars raging high up today in the market, Porsche also adds its weight-age to the race. Let us understand who makes Porsche

Cheap Car Insurance Anaheim CA - ven 22 juin 2018 - 10:57

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恳请唐山地区的OpenStreetMap绘制者 - ven 22 juin 2018 - 7:35





How does the OpenStreetMap community perceive gender equality? - ven 22 juin 2018 - 1:25

In #Geochicas -women from OpenStreetMap in Latin America-, we want to contribute to the debate on discriminations and gender inequality in the community with concrete data, and also with testimonies. For this purpose, we have built a survey disseminated in the community during most of the year 2017, in 7 languages.

The preliminary results have been analyzed and presented in the State of the Map Latam in Lima in 2017 and Global State of the Map in Aizuwakamatsu in 2017. The full results will be presented at the global State of the Map in Milan in July 2018

While we update the results, I share here the preliminary results, which illustrate the community's experience of discrimination and harassment between genders. The survey has been disseminated on all OpenStreetMap channels and on social networks, repeatedly during 2017.

  • People from 14 countries answered the survey
  • 33 men and 24 women
  • About 60% of women have had difficulty expressing a point of view or have felt minimized by men in their community
  • About 73% of men consider that no one in their community has difficulty expressing themselves or defending their point of view
  • 33% of women have felt hostility from men in their community
  • 82% of men consider that there is no hostility towards women or another sub-represented gender within their community
  • 82% of men and 75% of women would consider necessary to have codes of conduct and friendly spaces in the community
  • 20% of women and 28% of men consider that OpenStreetMap does not have a balanced gender representation
  • 22% of women, and 25% of men recognize that the lack of representation and participation of women negatively affects the data, the map, and community activities
  • 18% of women and 21% of men conclude that because of this inequality, the map and its uses do not benefit the entire population

In conclusion, the men who have participated in the survey perceive in the same way or more pronounced the lack of presence and participation of women, and the negative impact that this has on the ability of the data and the map to represent the needs of the whole society and its diversity.

The sampling of the universe population, possibly does not represent faithfully the perception of the whole community. The consideration very commonly expressed by men in forums/lists and OpenStreetMap chats, that the gender inequality in the community is not a problem, let us think that they would not have considered it of interest to answer this survey.

Let's wait for the final results soon at

The construction of this survey, its translation into different languages to permeate the largest number of local communities, and the analysis and representation of results has been collaborative and has gathered the support of many people, who we thank warmly. All women who wish to join the conversations and discussions about gender, can enter the Telegram channel of GeochicasOSM and also all the people are invited and invited to follow us on Twitter @GeochicasOSM

@geochicas @mapeadora

¿Cómo la comunidad OSM percibe la igualdad de género en OpenStreetMap? - ven 22 juin 2018 - 1:17

En #Geochicas -mujeres de OpenStreetMap de América Latina-, hemos querido contribuir al debate sobre disciminaciones y desigualdad de género en la comunidad con datos crudos y concretos, y tambien con testimonios. Con este propósito hemos construido una encuesta diseminada en la comunidad durante casi todo el año 2017, en 7 idiomas.

Los resultados preliminares han sido analizados y presentados en el State of the Map Latam de Lima en 2017 y State of the Map global en Aizuwakamatsu en 2017. Los resultados completos serán presentados en el State of the Map global de Milan en Julio 2018

Mientras actualicemos los resultados, comparto aquí los resultados preliminares, que ilustran la experiencia de la comunidad sobre discriminación y acoso entre género. La encuesta ha sido difundida en todos los canales de Openstreetmap y en redes sociales, repetidamente durante 2017.

  • Las personas de 14 países respondieron la encuesta
  • 33 hombres y 24 mujeres
  • Cerca del 60% de las mujeres han tenido dificultad para expresar un punto de vista o se han sentido minimizadas por hombres de su comunidad
  • Cerca del 73% de los hombres consideran que nadie en su comunidad tiene dificultades para expresarse o defender su punto de vista
  • 33% de las mujeres han sentido hostilidad por parte de hombres de su comunidad
  • 82% de los hombres consideran que no existe hostilidad hacia mujeres u otro género dentro de su comunidad
  • 82% de los hombres y y 75% de las mujeres considerarían necesario tener códigos de conducta igualitarios y espacios amigables en la comunidad
  • 20% de las mujeres y 28% de los hombres consideran que Openstreetmap no tiene una representación equilibrada de géneros
  • 22% de las muejres, y 25% de los hombres reconocen que la falta de representación y de participación de mujeres afecta negativamente los datos, el mapa, y las actividades de la comunidad
  • 18% de las mujeres y 21% de los hombres conluyen que por esta desigualdad, el mapa y sus usos no benefician al conjunto de la población

En conclusión los hombres que han aprticipado a la encuesta perciben de igual manera o de manera más pronunciada la falta de presencia y participación de muejres, y el impacto negativo que esto tiene el la capacidad de los datos y del mapa en representar las necesidades del conjunto y diversidad de la sociedad.

El muestreo de la población universo, posiblemente no representa de manera fiel la percepción del conjunto de la comunidad. La consideración muy comunmente expresadas en los foros / listas y chats de Openstreetmap, por hombres, de que el problema de desigualdad de género en al comunidad no es un problema, nos deja pensar que no habran considerado de interés contestar esta encuesta.

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La construcción de esta encuesta, su traducción a distintos idiomas para permear en el mayor número de comunidades locales, y el análisis y representación de resultados han sido colaborativos y ha reunido el apoyo de muchas personas, que agradecemos calurosamente. Todas las mujeres que deseen unirse a las conversaciones y discusiones sobre género, pueden entrar al canal de Telegram de GeochicasOSM y también todas las personas están invitados e invitadas a seguirnos en Twitter @GeochicasOSM

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