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All Around Builders

il y a 2 heures 20 min
All Around Builders Address

Blue Bell, PA, 19422



Business Description:

All Around Builders is a professional house renovation company in the Blue Bell, PA area. Reach our team at (610) 324-6456 now.

Additional Keywords:

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Ambler PA;Spring House PA;Maple Glen PA;Fort Washington PA;Oreland PA

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Caradine and Sons Construction

il y a 2 heures 22 min
Caradine and Sons Construction Address

Wynne, AR, 72396



Business Description:

Do you need the assistance of a reputable construction company that serves the members of the Wynne, AR community? If you do, look no further than us! We look forward to hearing from you today!

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Colt, AR;Forrest City, AR;Caldwell, AR;Parkin, AR;Earle, AR;

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Reflex Wellness

il y a 2 heures 24 min
Reflex Wellness Address

84 St. John F. Kennedy Blvd 1st flr, Bayonne, NJ, 07002



Business Description:

My name is Ulysses Sims and I am a Reflexologist in the NJ / NY area.I started to study reflexology in 1986. I attened the International Institute of Reflexology in 1997. I attend to a variety of patients including people with stressful jobs, people that are on their feet all day, women that are trying to get pregnant, people with sleep disorders, cardiovascular problems, digestive problems and poor circulation. I also provide home and work place sessions for those that would prefer the comfort of their own home. I have now performed over 1000 session and gained a tremendous amount of experience in the process.

Additional Keywords:

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Constable Hook NJ; Greenville Jersey City NJ;Bergen NJ;

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M & R Painting & Handyman

il y a 2 heures 26 min
M & R Painting & Handyman Address

Toms River, NJ, 08757



Business Description:

Welcome to M&R Painting & Handyman. We have been proudly serving the Toms River, NJ area since 2005. Call us today to schedule an appointment for fast, quality and reliable work. You will not regret your decision to work with our company. Our Services are:
Drywall, Electricians, Work with all of trade, Plumbers, Interior & Exterior Painting, Trim work, Sheet work, Cabinet Painting, Countertops, Tile, Floor

Additional Keywords:

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South Toms River NJ;

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A Traveling Trainer

il y a 2 heures 27 min
A Traveling Trainer Address

9030 Soquel Dr, Aptos, CA, 95003



Business Description:

I provide private, one-on-one supervised exercise training in my studio in Aptos California or I can bring the exercise studio to your house. I have a complete line of exercise equipment at your disposal, dumbbells, barbells, exercise mats, cardiovascular machines, balance and vestibular equipment, hand-eye coordination devices, gym balls, core exercise equipment and a lumbar extension machine. I can bring the gym to your home.

Additional Keywords:

Mobile Personal Training, Strength training, Flexibility, Weight Loss, Fitness Coach


Capitola, CA

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Oasis Tax Services

il y a 2 heures 29 min
Oasis Tax Services Address

Jacksonville, TX, 75766



Business Description:

Oasis Tax Services provides a professional tax service for people in Jacksonville, TX. If you need a Tax Preparation Service do not hesitate to call us at (903) 586-6769.

Additional Keywords:

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Craft TX;Tecula TX;Mt Selman TX;Cuney TX;Rusk TX

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Choose the best Attorney in Phoenix for Your Small Business!

il y a 6 heures 25 min

If you are looking for professional advice for your business and want to make it grow, then you should turn to Strategic Consulting Firms for the best advice and knowledge that can help you strategize better. If you have a small business in Phoenix and are facing legal problems, then you should hire Small Business Attorney in Phoenix to help you solve the legal matters and represent you in court. They have a group of well-versed lawyers who can help find the solutions. If your business needs to reach the government forums for advice or raise issues, then you should hire a representation from the Government Affairs Firms to represent your business.

Freibad will Umbauen

il y a 7 heures 12 min

Von Frühjahr 2017 bis Sommer 2018 bleibt der Weender Freibad Geschlossen.Da Hier alle abgerissenen Geländen gebaut wird, dann macht der Freibad Baustelle.

Hospital Productivity Measures Used to Ensure High Productivity and Efficiency

il y a 7 heures 12 min

Renowned and reputed Chicago Hospital Consultants at Brady & Associates, make use of a variety of data, measures and benchmarks to ensure every department of the organization is running smoothly, without any challenges, to its utmost productivity. The hospital department labor benchmarks offer an insight into the optimal use of labor employed in the organization to ensure greater efficiency. Hospital productivity measures also offer a glimpse into problem areas and possible solutions to enhance the productivity of the hospital. These measures and data give a direction to the decision-making process ensuring greater efficiency of the organization.

medokan tambak gang Xl jalan masih makadam/batu

il y a 7 heures 22 min

waspada gan di medokan ayu gg xl jalanya masih makadam, waspadalah

People spamming diaries with irrelevant comments

dim 23 avr 2017 - 14:50

OpenStreetMap diaries are a great way to communicate with the community worldwide. Since past few months, few of us are receiving irrelevant comments on our diary posts from users who mostly have no edits (likely that they are new to OpenStreetMap)

Some examples of such comments are:
  • This is a snapshot from a diary post by SrrReal, which has many such comments.

  • This is a snapshot from a diary post written by me.

  • Can there be a way, where we can close the option to comment on a diary post after a particular period?
  • Is there a possibility of deleting such comments from the post?
  • Is anyone else also facing similar issues?

Beekeeper at Work

dim 23 avr 2017 - 13:27

Yesterday I was walking in Montes de Málaga and I observed a beekeeper working. How to map an apiary in OpenStreetMap? I thought maybe there were no tags for this feature, but I was wrong! There are tags to map apiaries, beehives, expositions and even the beekeeper's house.

OSM im Auto

dim 23 avr 2017 - 12:42

Nachdem ich jetzt meinen Landkreis soweit aufbereitet habe, dass die Navigation brauchbar ist, habe ich die Gelegenheit genutzt und mich mal über das Navigations- und Mediasystem meines Autos genauer informiert.

Das System basiert auf Linux, der Zugang gelingt über USB oder SSH (WLan), Benutzer und Passwort sind Standard mit maximal 4 Zeichen. Das öffnet schon mal jedem kleinen Bastler Tür und Tor.

Aber man muss nicht. Ich hab jetzt eine App entdeckt, mit der ich nicht nur Musik oder Videos auf dem Display und Soundsystem des Autos abspielen kann, sondern auch das Display spiegeln. Alles was dazu nötig ist, ist eine kleine Software auf einem USB Stick, der beim Anstecken in den Hauptspeicher geladen wird. Die Software muss also gar nicht verändert werden.

Ich hab mir dadurch nicht nur ein Update auf Android Auto gespart, sondern auch die veraltete Navigationssoftware eingespart.

Der Urlaub kann kommen!


  • Mediasystem: Mazda MZD

  • App: Smart MZD Player.

Dental Examination & Orthodontic Surgery

dim 23 avr 2017 - 8:36

Dental Examination & Orthodontic Surgery

The dental examination is an area of physical diagnosis that usually be neglected in the medical curriculum. However, we can get a lot of information through a systematic evaluation of the oral hard and soft tissues. Although the primary objective is to distinguish between health and disease, a comprehensive oral examination can also provide valuable information to the overall health. In many instances, it is an indispensable component of patient assessment to cancer therapy. Generally speaking, your physical condition can be evaluated just by your oral health condition. Oral examinations also have an important influence on the classification of HIV-infected patients, the oral findings often determining the eventual antiretroviral therapy.

The dental examination is a systematic process. The dentist will investigate your oral and systemic health in order to confirm pathologies or concerns and develop a specially formulated treatment plan to maximize your oral health. The second step of any oral health exam involves a complete examination of your teeth and supporting structures. This involves the incorporation of several techniques, technologies and therapies.

Your dental hygienist explores every surface of every tooth to discover new cavities and examine the quality of existing fillings with a crown horn or fishhook, two commonly used dental instruments. Over time, fillings can break down and require replacement. They may also be replaced for improved esthetics. In fact, many people today opt to remove their older silver amalgam fillings and replace them with natural-looking composite fillings.

Healthy gums adhere tightly to the teeth. If they don't, there will be a possibility of getting periodontal disease or bone loss. The dental hygienist typically performs periodontal probing to measure the circumference of each tooth and the strength of the supporting bone structure. An accurate probe is inserted between the teeth and gums to measure the level of "gum adherence" to the teeth. The hygienist will record a millimeter number for every tooth. The goal is to record a number of one, two or three. A number of four or more indicates periodontal disease and potential bone loss. If the gums do not tighten after the cleaning, you will be scheduled for a scaling or Root Planing appointment.

Here is some of what your dentist is looking for during a dental exam: 1. Damaged, missing or decayed teeth 2. Early signs of cavities 3. Condition of your gums, such as periodontal pockets, inflammation or other signs of gum disease (which can lead to tooth and bone loss) 4. To see how previous dental work such as root canals, fillings and crowns are holding up 5. Early signs of mouth or throat cancer, such as white lesions or blocked salivary glands 6. Other suspicious growths or cysts 7. Position of your teeth (spacing , bite) 8. Signs that you clench or grind your teeth (a treatable problem that can cause headache or sore jaw and can, if serious, lead to hearing loss and tooth loss) 9. Signs of bleeding or inflammation on your tongue and on the roof or floor of your mouth 10. The overall health and function of your temporomandibular joint (which joins the jaw to skull), checking for signs of disorders that can cause pain or tenderness. 11. The general condition of the bones in your face, jaw and around your mouth

Orthognathic surgery is not a new technique or area of maxillofacial surgery microscope. The conceptualization and early practice of this form of surgery have been around for many decades and the most recent technology has been practiced for nearly thirty years. Due to the continuing modernization of instruments and techniques of stabilization the elective treatment of a patient with this form of surgery has become safer, more comfortable, and more reliable. Procedures that once demanded nearly ten hours of surgery have been shortened to as little as three to four hours. Hospitalizations for surgery that would often necessitate four to six days as an inpatient and may have involved a period of time in the intensive care unit, now allow for discharge on the first post-operative day.

From Hunan Yidao Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.

The Relationship between Wound Dressing and Wound Healing

dim 23 avr 2017 - 8:35

The Relationship between Wound Dressing and Wound Healing

Wound healing is a normal biological process of the human body. We have to get through four precisely steps: hemostasis, inflammation, proliferation, and remodeling. If you want the wound to heal successfully, all of the steps must occur in the right order and time range. A lot of factors can interfere with one or more steps of this process, thus causing wound healing more slowly with worse recovery. These elements include oxidation, infection, age and sex hormones, pressure, diabetes, obesity, medications, drinking, smoking, and nutrition. So, it is very important to understand the influence of these elements. It may improve the speed of wound healing and impaired wound healing.

According to the characteristic of the impaired wound healing, wounds fall into acute wounds and chronic wounds. Acute wounds are usually tissue damages have been fully recovered, with small scars, within the estimated time range, usually 8-12weeks. The main reason that caused acute wounds include mechanical injuries on account of exterior factors, such as abrasions and tears that caused by contact with friction between the skin and hard surfaces. On the other hand, chronic wounds result from slow-healing of tissue injuries, that is have not healed over 3 months and often relapse. Repeated tissue insults or optional physiological condition is the reason why such wound is hard to cure.

Successful treatment of impaired wound healing depends on comprehending the type of wound that is under treatment, the recovery process, and health condition of patients. In some cases such as chronic wounds, there is an excess of exudates present which can result in complications. A main feature of modern wound dressings is to get rid of the extra exudate while maintaining moisture at the wound bed. Wound dressings are designed to keep the wound clean, pollution-free and also to promote wound healing, especially in chronic wounds where there may be significant tissue loss.

Advanced wound dressings are used in wounds as providing a moist environment on wound healing process. It is good for the dissolution of necrotic tissue and reduces the probability of infection. WH Hydrocolloid wound dressing is one of the best choices. Hydrocolloid is a material containing gel-form agents, such as carboxymethycellulose and gelatin. It is used to wound management, providing a moist environment for wound to accelerate wound healing process. Semi-transparent features is better for observe wound healing process. PU film surface, water-proof is reduces the risk of roll up and bunching.

WH Pore wound dressing is a soft cloth adhesive wound dressing. Soft and hypoallergenic applied as a primary or second dressing over light to moderately draining wounds. It’s convenient to fixed devices or for protecting I.V. cannula sites. No scab formation to prevent second hurt from dressing changes.

Hunan Yidao Medical Equipment Co., Ltd, is the first professional medical equipment export supplier in Hunan province, located in Changsha National High-tech industrial Development Zone. We provide over one thousand high-quality medical equipment products, including diagnostic imaging, medical consumables, medical dressings, and so on. Providing superior services and merchandises is the only thing we are dedicated. Customer-oriented concept and creating extra value for both our client and us is our mission.

Compared to other corporations, the outstanding team is the strengths of our company. All of our senior managers have strong education background, including MBA and master of medical science. Also, the chairman of our company is the VP of Hunan Medical Device Industry deputy and director of Hunan Provincial Federation of Women Entrepreneurs Association. Our sales and technical support teams have a wealth of knowledge and experience in medical equipment market.

If you need to purchase medical products from China, welcome to contact Hunan Yidao Medical!

Clinical Indications investigation for Colposcopy

dim 23 avr 2017 - 8:28

Clinical Indications investigation for Colposcopy

Cervical Pathology is the science of the causes and effects of diseases related to cervix with laboratory examination for diagnostic purposes. Major diseases of Cervix include: Cervical endometriosis, Ectropion and endocervicitis etc. Cervical cancer prevention depends upon detection and treatment of high-grade (CIN2,3) cervical lesions most likely to progress to invasive cancer in the absence of treatment. Two primary cervical screening tests are now in use The Pap test, which includes the conventional Pap smear and the liquid-based Pap test. A colposcopy is a close-up view of the cervix, vagina and vulva for signs of disease. It is used to detect abnormal cells on the cervix. During a colposcopy procedure, physician uses a colposcope — an instrument that looks like binoculars with a bright light mounted on a stand. Colposcopy is usually done in one of two circumstances: to examine the cervix either when the result of a Pap smear is abnormal, or when the cervix looks abnormal during the collection of a Pap smear.

All of the world, it is estimated that there are 528,000 new cases of cervical cancer each year and that 266,000 women die from the disease. In the United States, the National Cancer Institute (NCI) estimates that 1,200 new cases of cervical cancer will be diagnosed in 2015, and that 4,100 women will die from the disease. Currently, the five-year survival rate for localized cervical cancer is 91.5%; the overall (i.e., all stages combined) five-year survival rate is approximately 67.8%. Cervical cancer was once one of the most common causes of cancer death among U.S. women, but since the 1980s, the cervical cancer death rate in the United States has decreased by more than 50%.

Studies show that access to health care is an important predictor of cancer screening. In the United States, pap tests are ordered or provided in approximately 29.4 million physician office visits each year, and it is estimated that more than 3 million women get unclear or abnormal results.

Colposcopy is the diagnostic test indicated for evaluating patients with abnormal Pap test results. 7During the procedure, features of the cervical epithelium are examined under magnified illumination after the application of normal saline, 3% to 5% dilute acetic acid, and Lugol iodine solution in successive steps. A green filter highlights vascular patterns. colposcopy is usually done in one of two circumstances: to examine the cervix either when the result of a Pap smear is abnormal, or when the cervix looks abnormal during the collection of a Pap smear. Even if a Pap smear result is normal, colposcopy is sometimes necessary when the cervix appears visibly abnormal to the clinician performing the Pap smear. The purpose of the colposcopy is to determine what is causing the abnormal looking cervix or the abnormal Pap smear so that appropriate treatment can be given.

Neither cytologic sampling nor colposcopic examination alone provides definitive answers. If abnormal tissue is present, it is the histologic result that provides the basis for treatment or observation.

Colposcopy – the traditional next step after an abnormal smear test – relies on the presence of visible indicators to detect atypical cells on the cervix. Unfortunately, these indicators are not specific to cervical intra-epithelial neoplasia (CIN), especially low-grade CIN, which means that interpretation is subjective. That’s why we take biopsies to confirm the presence of disease before offering treatment. But biopsies are invasive – and as it can be difficult to judge the best location, we sometimes need to take more than one tissue sample, which can add to patient discomfort. Even after the biopsy is complete, it can take up to two weeks to receive the histology results, making waiting patients understandably anxious. In the majority of cases, the abnormal tissue will regress naturally, so to avoid unnecessary and potentially harmful treatment, we tend to recall these patients for repeat colposcopy at six 12 month intervals – only increasing the time and effort, in addition to uncertainty for the patient.

From Hunan Yidao Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.

Disappearing Streams, Disappearing Footpaths

sam 22 avr 2017 - 1:11

My last survey included the best-surfaced unadopted=yes road that I've yet seen:– Waterhouse Lane. In the course of that survey I discovered:–

  1. Why Willow Brook was dry
  2. Yet another stolen footpath
Who stole Willow Brook?

One of the residents on Waterhouse Lane told me that it was so-called due to a Water Pump that originally existed in that lane. Well, not only that Pump has gone; the residents appear to have stolen the local stream as well!

There is a photo in the 17 April Diary of the dry riverbed of the local stream, shot over the fence from Willow Farm School. A very kind lady at 11 Waterhouse let me take a photo of the stream from the bottom of her garden (from the opposite bank to the school), but her plot does NOT include the stream. This is shot over the top of her fence; the stream is supposed to run right-to-left, and the stream-bed is at the base of the tree in the centre of this photo:–

That is NOT a very useful photo & I was having lots of difficulty with this stream. Eventually, I teased out a fuller story...

The modern OS-OpenData_StreetView imagery (available within JOSM and obtained from shows a stream beginning at the north-end of the Primary School field then running all the way down the side of the school (the link is to a culvert that I've put in place of the stream). It is most unlikely that a stream would suddenly appear from nowhere, so where is the source?

I finally found the stream on a 1920s OS map (it is possible that you may need to choose “OS 1920s” as the Background Map as to show the blue of the stream). Having walked that land & talked to the Farmer I'm now certain of the source.

Gedling Wood Farm today sits at the base of a little triangle of wood which in the 1920s was the bottom of a continuous Gedling Wood that stretched up to Crock Dumble. The stream shown on the 1920s Ordnance Survey map is almost due north-south, runs parallel to the modern/ancient footpath to Lambley & begins at the same line as the Dumble (and the top of the modern GWF field called 2-ponds). Even the modern hedges seem to follow the line of the stream, and I noticed an east-west ditch at the base of a possible drover's road (fuller explanation in 12 April Diary).

That ancient footpath today in part follows modern roads, but it still gets all the way from the fields above Almond Walk down to the top of Waterhouse Lane. Now, that footpath used to travel close to the old stream, so where is the stream now? I cannot answer for Tamarix Close or the streets above (presumably it was culverted along the line of the footpath), but I got tales of streets below...

The whole of the land between the stream & Waterhouse Lane was owned by a lady that lived in a single bungalow on site. It was all sold to a builder who put up the modern houses. The chaps in the houses at the north end of Waterhouse Lane told me that they followed the earlier inspiration of the actions of the builder & buried the stream within plastic pipes (essentially culverted, which is why I changed the ‘stream’ to a ‘culvert’).

Today, only a small section of the south end remains as a stream-bed. However, the stream-bed is dry, and I suspect that those pipes have collapsed... Severn Trent put a metre-high culvert under the (former) Mineral Railway. I doubt that those builder's pipes are a fraction of that size, or strengthened against collapse. Ah well.

OpenStreetMap Bangladesh: Upcoming Programs

ven 21 avr 2017 - 18:26

First, I would like to congratulate the YouthMappers at AUW for wining the HOT micro-grant award with other seven communities globally. I would also appreciate other micro communities and chapters for competing the micro grant program and wish you luck for the next one. I would like to congratulate YouthMappers DhakaCollege, YouthMappers at AUW for wining 2017 chapter award, Maliha Mohiuddin from OpenStreetMap Dhaka University for wining best blog award 2017 and also other three chapter members for wining the leadership award and going to participate in workshop to be held in Nepal.

Let me give you some upcoming mapping programs that are under discussion but hoping to be launched soon:

  1. There will be a series of mapathons for mapping the existing features of 13 coastal districts of Bangladesh what we want to organize in a different manner. We will call for application/proposal from chapters, micro-communities, universities who wants to hold the mapathon/s at their premises. The selected will have the required training, logistics, appreciation certificate. I shall call for the application within a month or two.

  2. BDRCS Volunteers are going to be engaged soon for community level training and mapping. We are planning to expand the mapping of vulnerable buildings for urban resilience where the city ward emergency response committee members will be taught how to and map their respective wards. In near future we want to replicate for disaster vulnerable districts too.

  3. To find and enhance more use cases of existing OSM data in Bangladesh we would like to call for participation of a research teams, person/s in a research grant program . The selected teams or persons have to come up with scoping ideas showing result of spatial analysis, vulnerability assessment, risk analysis, scenario modeling or future projections. I will invite the potential universities and also open call for other researcher or team when we are ready.

  4. I want to map the Nijhum Dwip - নিঝুম দ্বীপ, one of the most vulnerable island in Bangladesh where loss of lives and livelihoods are common matter due to cyclone and storm surge. I would request some volunteers to assist me in field level data collection and mapping in next month.

  5. Finally, I am very happy that more and more service delivery and routing startups are using OepnStreetMap for their application. NerdCats team is going to update their Bus rout app based on openstreetmap after their famous and successful app GO! Traffic Updates (by Pathao service wants to use and update the roads of whole Dhaka city, for that they are going to organize a mapathon in 29th of this month jointly with OpenStreetMap Bangladesh community. I am requesting all the members of our community to join this mapathon and help Pathao to make a better and detail dhaka map.

Thanks. I wish you all the best in coming days. Happy new Bangla Year 1424.

Just Joined open street map.

ven 21 avr 2017 - 17:37

Anyone from New Paltz NY use this platform?

weeklyOSM 352

ven 21 avr 2017 - 16:25


Changeset example on Sajjad Anwars changeset map 1 | © OpenStreetMap Mitwirkende CC-BY-SA 2.0

  • There is a discussion on the OpenStreetMap Forum about Bing rolling out new aerial imagery for Darmstadt, Germany.
  • A question by wolfbert about grouping buildings and terrain of castles leads (automatic translation) to an amusing discussion. The results are on the wiki.
  • Levente Juhász writes in the Mapillary Blog on how to map hiking routes in OpenStreetMap and Mapillary.
  • Micah Cochran invites comments on his modified proposal concerning improvements to toilet tagging.
  • On the talk-fr mailing list, Florian Lainez suggests using the upcoming French presidential election as a good opportunity to map electoral billboards. A wiki page has been set up and questions are raised on polling stations tagging.
  • A question is raised on the tagging mailing list about restaurants that allow customers to bring in their own alcoholic drinks.
  • Some mappers wonder why thoroughly mapped amenities like schools, churches and other buildings do not show up as expected. This was discussed (automatic translation) in detail on the German forum, and on the Tagging mailing list.
  • Manohar Erikipati (manoharuss) writes about OpenStreetMap Changeset Analyzer (OSMCHA) and how to use it to review recent changes in your area using filters.
  • Steve Coast launched a Kickstarter campaign to fix and stabilize OSM Stats and already reached his goal of 1000 USD. However, it also received some criticism.
  • Mapbox Cities is a mentorship program for cities. For research projects on public sector open datasets and OpenStreetMap, Mapbox wants to learn about the local government datasets that are most interesting for you to import, the pain points that you face while interacting with government open data stakeholders, and more on your experience with local government contacts. If you are interested in answering these questions, please take up the survey for OpenStreetMap Contributors and there is one for local government officials too.
  • Mikel Maron publishes his notes on the Local Chapter Congress that took place during SotM 2016.
  • Joost Schouppe publishes his analysis of the most frequently used OpenStreetMap editors.
  • Tyumen Oblast is small region in Western Siberia. The evolution of local mappers in this region is analyzed by user mavl in his blog.
  • Ivan Garcia wants to import borders in Indonesia on behalf of HOT.
  • User ff5722 suggests in his user diary to import the treecover2010 dataset by USGS outside of Europe. Vincent de Phily, Christoph Hormann and SK53 explain in their comments what the issues of this dataset are and why it should not be imported.
OpenStreetMap Foundation
  • OSM UK has officially applied for Local Chapter. Paul Norman asks for comments on the British request.
  • The call for papers of FrOSCon conference (Free and Open Source Conference) in Siegburg, Germany is open (and will close on 23. May). FOSSGIS e.V., the German de-facto local OSM organisation, cooperates (automatic translation) with the organizers for GIS and OSM related topics.
Humanitarian OSM
  • The HOT board was renewed. Meet the members. Melanie Eckle from HeiGIT / GIScience Research Group Heidelberg was elected along with Ahasanul Hoque and Pete Masters.
  • ‘The Conversation’ discusses the role of social media in the improvement of human life, and also addresses the ‘Missing Maps’ project.
  • A new Missing Maps Hosting Tool helps mapathon organizers register the event and contact other volunteers.
  • The HOT Mapathons in Belgium were not as successful as hoped, judging by the statistics on continued participation. However, Joost Schouppe writes that they were more successful in other aspects – they have united the community and recruited volunteers while organizing SotM (2016) last autumn.
  • OpenStreetMap Carto released version 3.2.0, and landuse=farm will no longer be displayed.
  • Michael Spreng presents the Swiss map of CHFreeWiFi which is based on OSM. The WeeklyOSM editors do not issue any political opinion.
Open Data
  • ChristianSW points out that this year Wiki Loves Earth will take place in May. It is an annual photo competition for nature conservation and natural phenomena. Images can be uploaded to Wiki Commons.
  • The twitter account openOV claims that the timetable data of the integrated transport authority of Aachen, Germany, is public domain.
  • [1] Geohacker writes about preparing accurate history and caching OpenStreetMap changesets.
  • User pathmapper asks on GitHub what will happen with Maputnik in the future because Lukas Martinelli joined Mapbox. Lukas responds that he is looking for a new maintainer.
Releases Software Version Release date Comment PyOsmium 2.12.1 11/04/2017 Four extensions, two changes and three bugfixes. Mapbox GL JS v0.35.1 12/04/2017 Five bug fixes. iOS * 7.2.4 12/04/2017 No info. Locus Map Free * 3.23.1 13/04/2017 Bugfix release. Mapillary iOS * 4.6.13 13/04/2017 Two bugs fixed. OpenJUMP 1.11 13/04/2017 New features and bug fixes. osm2pgsql 0.92.1 13/04/2017 Two important bugs fixed. OpenLayers 4.1.0 14/04/2017 Many changes, please read release info. Traccar Server 3.11 14/04/2017 SMS support added. Mapillary Android * 3.48 15/04/2017 Tuning GPX processing, some bugs fixed. MapContrib 1.7.7 17/04/2017 Some smaller changes. Android * var 17/04/2017 100,000 objects added. Incl. restaurants, shops and POI.

Provided by the OSM Software Watchlist. Timestamp: 2017-04-17 18:40:55+02 UTC

(*) unfree software. See: freesoftware.

OSM in the media
  • The Euronice trendblog writes (automatic translation) about the possibility of HERE and OpenStreetMap as viable alternatives to Google Maps.
Other “geo” things
  • Descartes Labs are developing a geo-search engine to search for similar objects in satellite images. Currently, the record is limited to the US.
  • Marketwired reports about Helsinki Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s New Journey Planner being an interactive map and is based on OpenStreetMap.
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