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Neuer Eintrag auf OSM (review requested)

mar 12 déc 2017 - 11:39

Also mir war nicht klar, dass in OSM ein neuer Eintrag doch etwas Zeit in Anspruch nimmt. Zur Qualitätssicherung habe ich bei meinem neuen Eintrag die Option "review requested" gesetzt und nun findet sich anscheinend kein Reviewer für den Änderungssatz: 54273048

Bin gespannt, wie lange sich das hinzieht....

Ein Blogeintrag gibt den Hinweis auf das neue Feature.

Ich werden mir wohl auch mal Zeit nehmen andere 'reviews' zu bearbeiten.

Indian Cyber Army

mar 12 déc 2017 - 8:34

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Juntas de Distrito del Ayuntamiento de Málaga

lun 11 déc 2017 - 18:18

He añadido al mapa la ubicación de todas las Juntas Municipales de Distrito de Málaga. Ya se pueden buscar directamente desde sitio web principal de OpenStreetMap, sin más que teclear «Junta de Distrito», el nombre del distrito correspondiente y agregando «Málaga», para especificar el municipio.

En Málaga tenemos once Juntas de Distrito, una por cada distrito municipal. Las Juntas Municipales de Distrito tienen como función principal fomentar y velar por la participación ciudadana, aunque también funcionan como unidades administrativas. En ellas se encuentran la Oficinas Municipales de Atención a la Ciudadanía (OMAC), que son el punto de contacto más directo entre el ciudadano y la administración local. En estas oficinas, por ejemplo, es donde se solicitan los certificados de empadronamiento, entre otros muchos trámites que se puede hacer.

El mapeado de Juntas de Distrito completa mis otros trabajos de mapeo sobre distritos y barrios de Málaga. Me ha parecido importante que no faltasen en el mapa, ya que suelen ser puntos de referencia para cualquier trámite administrativo que se pueda necesitar, y conviene que se puedan encontrar en OSM. He añadido toda la información de la que dispongo (direcciones, horarios, teléfonos, etc.), para que cuando alguien busque donde está la Junta de Distrito de su barrio, tenga toda la información disponible.

Pirate Open Street Mapping Party Wayanad

lun 11 déc 2017 - 15:12

It was fun mapping Wayanad. A district known for its environment, ethnic people, sensitive areas, Hills, Forests and of course Rain.

For the very first time, J4v4m4n, Pirate Praveen suggested the idea of pirate mapping parties. To be exact, 5 months before, he started a new thread on Loomio as a proposal to contributing to open street maps as [Pirates]( Later the discussion lead to mapping parties around Kerala. When Praveen completed Kannur, I asked him for one here in Wayanad. Exactly a week before 9th of this month, Praveen told me, we can host on 9th. I got excited as well as nervous. I don't know what to do, How to arrange accommodation, where to map, etc. I was really worried about bicycles. I thought cycles could speed up the mapping process. Another headache was whom will help us in mapping. Tada.. Ranjith Siji, Mujeeb, Kannan, Ambadi, Tanzeer, Sruthi, Hemanth came up to fulfill our plans.

Next to resolve was accommodation. Sreejith Koiloth helped us to rent DIET hostel.

Descubrir el mundo de una forma diferente

lun 11 déc 2017 - 13:59

Me he propuesto una misión y es buscar los mejores sitios para salir de fiesta. Madrid va a ser mi objetivo principal y he descubierto esta web con las mejores Discotecas Madrid que va a ser mi guia de referencia. ¡Gracias amigos de Penalti! Os ire comentando mis resultados.

OSMF should vote more often......

lun 11 déc 2017 - 13:05 it attracts people to join the OSMF (on average)

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lun 11 déc 2017 - 12:28

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New week and new energy required

lun 11 déc 2017 - 12:14

Dear Folks,

As the year is counting down and ice is in most of the places. Please, use our study to generate more energy in your brain and consequently your entire body. Participate in the study to see how perfect you are in recognizing landuse areas.

SMART/DDOT overhaul

lun 11 déc 2017 - 3:53

As I write this, a complete overhaul to SMART/DDOT relations is being uploaded to the server. I did this for two reasons.

Reason the first:

When I last "overhauled" SMART relations, I admittedly made a huge mess of things. There were two reasons I did this:

  1. I thought it'd look nice on the transit map with each route number getting rendered just once per road.
  2. I didn't want to have to add the bus stops to all the relations and risk forgetting some.

So what I did was made route segments and route segment segments.

I apologize for that, now realizing that it's wrong. Plus, the second point above is invalid, as I've since discovered; I can edit multiple relations simultaneously.

The first reason for this overhaul is to fix that.

Reason the second:

Data for both systems was horribly outdated. For example, there were still bus routes depicted on Woodward south of Campus Martius, which hasn't been the case since the QLine construction started. The DDOT relations still used the old public transit format! So the second reason for this overhaul is a data update.


There are a lot of bus routes I haven't ridden:

  • Almost all DDOT routes outside of Downtown
  • SMART routes 160, 280, 445, 475

For these routes, I've put my best effort to mapping them accurately, though in some places I simply could not tell where the route was intended to go (see: 38 at Harrison, Sears, or Outer Drive).


Official bus schedules and maps can be found at DDOT, SMART, and RTA. Additionally, for the RTA and SMART routes, some details not shown on the maps were mapped from personal experience.

For some DDOT routes where I couldn't tell what was what on the map, I followed roads that were part of the pre-existing relations.

I also used a bit of OpenStreetCam data to figure out which way buses went around loops.

Lastly, DDOT's GTFS file is public-domain, and helped me figure out a couple things as well. It can be downloaded here.

What's next

I'm going to take a short break, then in 2018 ride all the SMART routes and record out the bus windows and put the videos on YouTube. I'll license the videos for free use for open-source mapping projects - anything you see or hear on the video will be fair game to add to the map.

I personally will use the videos to map bus stops, and add them to back the relations.

2017 Board Election Statistics

dim 10 déc 2017 - 21:11

The anonymized ballots from yesterday's OSMF board vote are available as a handy text file on OpaVote, so I decided to play around with them a bit. Here's a breakdown of the rankings for each candidate:

I was also curious if people usually filled in the maximum of four slots, or left some of them blank. This is the result:

  • 0 candidates: 11
  • 1 candidates: 21
  • 2 candidates: 124
  • 3 candidates: 114
  • 4 candidates: 219

So most people did indeed list 3 or 4 candidates! With STV, the third place can matter even if there are only two seats available, so it makes sense to fill it in. Nevertheless, I also looked more closely at the top two spots to see if there are any interesting correlations. Based on all ballots with at least 2 candidates, here's the popularity of top two pairings (the order of candidate names carries no meaning):

  • Heather/Joost: 166
  • Paul/Joost: 136
  • Paul/David: 46
  • Heather/Paul: 43
  • Joost/David: 33
  • Heather/David: 33

If there are any other statistics you're curious about, feel free to ask – if I find the time, I'll be glad to run them. :)

Algo que ainda gosto de fazer no OSM

dim 10 déc 2017 - 19:14

Finalizei a delimitação dos bairros de Rondonópolis - MT/BR. Demorou um pouco e deu trabalho, mas foi gratificante, principalmente por ser uma das atividades que ainda me motiva a contribuir para a plataforma.

Digo ainda me motiva pois o mapa já esta bem completo. Basicamente há poucos locais sem vias, e as tarefas atuais se limitam aos POIs, assim como as correções, que são coisas que não gosto muito de fazer.

E por quê a delimitação de bairros ainda me fascina e me motiva a contribuir? Nas cidades com plano diretor, onde num projeto urbanístico o bairro encabeça o projeto, isto e, antes de existir um logradouro, primeiro tem que existir um bairro. Assim, nome de ruas podem se repetir quantos vezes for necessário dentro de uma mesma cidade.

Nesse contexto os céticos podem dizeṛ "isso não existe, impossível". Se a cidade estiver devidamente delimitada eh perfeitamente possível. Dai a importância da delimitação dos bairros.

Thank you, now on with the next steps

dim 10 déc 2017 - 17:35

Thank you to all the OSMF members, fellow candidates, board, and outgoing board members. It has been a privilege to consider your priorities for OSMF via questions, notes, and conversations.

We are the community, the map, and the project. The lovely people who make OSM part of their daily flows count on all of us at OSMF to meet the full mandate and the full potential. This means considering, then building on how we might balance the growing, changing needs of the open, global, diverse community.

Over the past few weeks, the questions on the wiki and the conversations on this mailing list have pointed to some potential actions. Converting those requests and ideas into productive working documents for consultation is the next step. There are many people on this list and in the wider community that will contribute if there are healthy spaces and a clear ask. It is up to us in the membership, in the working groups, and on the board to make this possible.

Thank you again,


weeklyOSM 385

dim 10 déc 2017 - 13:36


Screenshot des neuen JOSM-Plugins QuickLabel 1 | © OpenStreetMap Mitwirkende

  • Potentiel 3.0, a Haitian digital association, have created a 3-D model of the Zerpelin basin.
  • Daniel Koć has written a blog article on the planned changes and ideas for the rendering of (natural) protected areas.
  • Ilya Zverev writes to the talk mailing list introducing OSM streak: a website that gives you points for submitting changesets each day.
  • Maripo Goda published her 3rd JOSM Plugin “QuickLabel” and asks for feedback. This plugin shows any tag values next to objects. You can visualize the mapping progress of sub tags like cuisine or surface.
  • Mapillary introduces Mapillary Tasker, this tool will let you invite people to help complete capture, map editing, or data verification tasks in your area.
  • Daniel Koć asks for the tagging of leisure=common and leisure=village_green, which have their origin in British law. As they are often misused he triggers a discusion how to use the tags.
  • Richard Fairhurst adds a section about education and socio-economic status to the Contributor Covenant and explains the rationale behind his text with reference to OSM.
  • Roland Olbricht queries the basis on which the proposal process on the wiki works. His concerns were heightened by the reaction to Ilya Zverev’s metro railway proposal.
  • Nicolas Chavent writes to the OSMF-talk mailing list about his perspective on why it’s important to balance the representation of the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team US Inc. at the OpenStreetMap Foundation Board (OSMF) Board to favour the
    diversity of OpenStreetMap perspectives in this institutional body and also writes about HOT’s Code of Conduct. Read more about the related conversations in this email thread.
  • The Advisory Board of OSM UK are dissatisfied with the Directed Editing Policy and will therefore submit their own new proposal.
OpenStreetMap Foundation
  • Contributor Glassman writes about a proposal to OSMF adopting a Code of Conduct.
  • writes about the importance of the OSMF elections, understanding the best candidates to vote and its impact on the OpenStreetMap project as a whole.
Events Humanitarian OSM
  • Alessandro Venerandi works on poverty assessment using centrality criteria in OpenStreetMap data.
  • Severin (aka sev_osm) writes a diary post where he shares his frustrations and reasons behind his resigning from HOT US Corporation.
  • Rachel VanNice thanks the HOT News to the community for the valuable work and help this year. The many natural catastrophes presented a special challenge and a video supports this Thanksgiving. At the same time, she is calling for continued and even more forceful action in the future.
  • The OpenTopoMap now arranges summits according to their dominance. For example, at zoom level 8, mountains with a dominance greater than 100 km are displayed. See this forum post for more information.
  • Pokemon GO has switched to OSM data in most countries. For some players this means better map data, for others there is less detail now.
  • Garmins uses OpenStreetMap data from now on for its Pilot 9.1 Apple app.
Open Data
  • The city of Cambridge (UK) have released a week’s worth of anonymised vehicle movements captured using ANPR (automatic number plate recognition).
  • Kevin Arutyunyan has used the new 3D viewer in QGIS 3.0 to visualise OSM data. He comments that “it makes you notice how much data is still missing” from OSM to make accurate 3D maps.
  • Answering a question mmd, one of the main developers of the Overpass API, explains that the upcoming version will offer a way to let you determine the length of paths in meters.
  • Up to now,”iD” has only been able to display satellite images in 4 brightness levels. In the upcoming version it will be possible to adjust brightness, contrast, saturation and sharpness between 0 and 200% from the base value.
  • Komяpa is offering a $100 bounty for a mod_tile/renderd pull request. He’s hoping to improve render queue lengths on
  • Thomas Skowron presents in issue 59 of his podcast “Microwave”, produced in cooperation with user U-Bahnnverleih his work on vector tiles, the project Grandine, the geodata format Spaten and the problems of the rendering toolchain (raster and vector) (from 0:58:40)
  • JOSM released the new stable version 13170.
  • The new release for Mapbox’s Android SDK v5.2.0 and iOS SDK v3.7.0 comes with client-side static map snapshots, georeferenced image sources, smooth transitions between styles, unlimited annotation images, shape annotation selection and improved VoiceOver compatibility.
  • Mapbox Navigation SDK for iOS v0.11.0 has upgraded to Swift 4, added reusable step list control and removed audio feedback feature.
  • The release of MapboxDirections.swift v0.14.0 and v0.15.0 comes with toll road/motorway/ferry avoidance options, property indicating whether cars drive on the right or left and much more.
Did you know …
  • … the affiliate links for Amazon? If you’re buying your christmas presents at Amazon, please consider using the affiliate program to help OSM
  • For all who want to visit a nice locality in Schweich, here is the geoportal of Schweich, made with OpenSource, where you will find extensive information on geodata and map services of the municipality Schweich.
Other “geo” things
  • QGIS 3.0 is on the horizon. There are many improvements and new features, which means the documentation needs to be updated and the developers could use your help with this.
  • The ruthenium-106 traces (Google translation) measured in the atmosphere at the beginning of October are very likely to have come from the Mayak nuclear facility. Due to the low dose, however, there was no danger to the public.
  • Czech Railways (national train operator) has stopped the distribution of 2018 agendas for employees and business partners. The agenda contains a small map on the last page, showing several disputed areas, ‘Islamic state’ or Russian Crimea.
Upcoming Events Where What When Country Denver Online High School Mitchell PoliMappers’ Adventures: One mapping quest each day 2017-12-01-Invalid date Rennes Réunion mensuelle 2017-12-11 Lyon Rencontre mensuelle 2017-12-12 Nantes Réunion mensuelle 2017-12-12 Toulouse Rencontre mensuelle 2017-12-13 Brazil #CompleteTheMap Brasília – o evento 2017-12-13 Munich Stammtisch 2017-12-14 Moscow Schemotechnika 13 2017-12-14 Dresden Stammtisch 2017-12-14 Berlin DB Open Data Hackathon 2017-12-15-2017-12-16 Taipei OpenStreetMap Taipei Meetup 2017-12-18 Bonn Bonner Stammtisch 2017-12-19 Lüneburg Mappertreffen 2017-12-19 Nottingham Pub Meetup 2017-12-19 Rome FOSS4G-IT 2018 2018-02-19-2018-02-22 Bonn FOSSGIS 2018 2018-03-21-2018-03-24 Poznań State of the Map Poland 2018 2018-04-13-2018-04-14 Milan State of the Map 2018 (international conference) 2018-07-28-2018-07-30

Note: If you like to see your event here, please put it into the calendar. Only data which is there, will appear in weeklyOSM. Please check your event in our public calendar preview and correct it, where appropriate.

This weeklyOSM was produced by Nakaner, Peda, Polyglot, SK53, SomeoneElse, Spanholz, YoViajo, derFred, jcoupey, jinalfoflia, sev_osm.

OSM es el mapa

dim 10 déc 2017 - 12:01

«Yo, personalmente, no tengo ningún interés especial en que OSM sea alternativa de nada. Para mí, OSM es el mapa.»

Rafael Ávila Coya, vía grupo OSM España en Telegram, 9 de diciembre de 2017.

The history of HOT US Inc governance - not to be replicated in OSMF

dim 10 déc 2017 - 1:45

(EN automatic translation below)

Durant la campagne pour les élections 2017 au board de l'OSM, je suis intervenu par trois fois sur la liste de discussion OSMF :

  • ce premier courriel en anglais dans lequel je montre la faible implication de Heather Leson dans OSM depuis 2011.

  • ce deuxième courriel intitulé " Language, tone and their explanations - why I resigned from HOT US Inc", rédigé en français et traduit en anglais, pour expliquer le ton employé dans le premier via notamment ma lettre de résignation de HOT US Inc en 2016, que j'ai publié dans mon précédent billet de blog

  • ce troisième courriel intitulé "The history of HOT US Inc governance - not to be replicated in OSMF" qui contient le lien vers un document, lui aussi rédigé en français et traduit en anglais, retraçant les graves soucis de gouvernance dans le board de HOT US Inc pendant la période durant laquelle j'en étais membre (mars 2014 à janvier 2016)

During the campaign for the 2017 elections on the board of the OSM, I spoke three times on the OSMF mailing list:

  • this first email in English in which I show the weak involvement of Heather Leson in OSM since 2011.

  • this second email titled "Language, tone and their explanations - why I resigned from HOT US Inc." written in French and translated into English, to explain the tone used in the first via including my letter of resignation of HOT US Inc in 2016, which I published in my [previous blog post] (https: //

  • this third email titled "The History of HOT US Inc Governance - not to be replicated in OSMF" which contains the link to a document, also written in French and translated into English, tracing the serious governance concerns in the board of HOT US Inc during the period during which I was a member (March 2014 to January 2016)

Wochennotiz Nr. 385

sam 9 déc 2017 - 23:08


Screenshot des neuen JOSM-Plugins QuickLabel 1 | © OpenStreetMap Mitwirkende

  • Die haititianische Organisation Potentiel 3.0 hat ein 3D-Geländemodell des Zerpelin-Beckens veröffentlicht.
  • Zu den geplanten Änderungen und Ideen zum Rendering von (Natur)-Schutzgebieten hat Daniel Koc einen Blogartikel geschrieben.
  • Ilya Zverev schreibt auf der Mailingliste talk über die Einführung von OSM-Streak: eine Website, die Punkte für das tägliche Einreichen von Changesets gibt.
  • [1] Maripo Goda hat mit “QuickLabel” ihr drittes JOSM-Plugin veröffentlicht und bittet um Feedback. Das Plugin zeigt die Werte beliebiger Schlüssel direkt in der Kartenansicht an. Dies erlaubt einen schnellen Überblick über Zusatztags wie cuisine oder surface.
  • Mapillary führt den Mapillary Tasker ein. Mit diesem Tool kann man Personen einladen, die bei der Durchführung von Erfassungs-, Kartenbearbeitungs- oder Datenüberprüfungsaufgaben in der Nähe helfen.
  • Daniel Koc fragt nach dem Tagging von leisure=common und leisure=village_green, die ihren Ursprung im britischen Recht haben. Aufgrund ihrer häufig falschen Nutzung stößt er eine Disskusion zur Nutzung der Tags an.
  • Richard Fairhurst fügt dem Verhaltenskodex für Mitwirkende einen Abschnitt über Bildung und sozio-ökonomischen Status hinzu und erklärt seine Beweggründe mit Verweis auf OSM.
  • Roland Olbricht übt Fundamentalkritik am Proposal-Prozess im OSM-Wiki. Anlass ist das gescheiterte ÖPNV-Proposal von Ilya Zverev.
  • Nicolas Chavent erläutert auf der Mailingliste OSMF-Talk, warum er, der selbst HOT mitgegründet hat, seit mehreren Jahren im Vorfeld der OSMF-Vorstandswahlen vor einer Erhöhung des Anteils an Mitgliedern von HOT US Inc. warnt. Er schildert die Anwendung des HOT Code of Conduct auf ihn im November 2015 und wie ihm aus seiner Sicht damals Unrecht widerfahren sei, als er schon einmal in sachlichem Tonfall auf der OSMF-Talk-Mailingliste vor einer höheren “Dominanz” von HOT US Inc. im OSMF-Vorstand gewarnt hat. Mikel Maron, der dem damaligen HOT-Führungszirkel angehört hat, möchte die Sache nicht in der Öffentlichkeit diskutieren. Mehrere andere OSMF-Mitglieder kritisieren Mikel deswegen.
  • Das Advisory Board bzw. OSM UK sind mit dem Entwurf einer “Directed Editing Policy” (wir berichteten) unzufrieden und werden daher einen eigenen neuen Vorschlag unterbreiten.
  • Thomas Skowron teilt auf der Mailingliste Dresden mit, dass Benutzer blackdeerranger im Oktober verstorben sei.
OpenStreetMap Foundation
  • Clifford Snow plädiert auch in seinem Benutzerblog für einen “Code of Conduct”, verbindliche Verhaltensregeln für OSM.
  • Christoph Hormann blogt über die Wichtigkeit der OSMF-Vorstandswahlen und erklärt, warum jedes OSMF-Mitglied doch bitte mitwählen soll.
Humanitarian OSM
  • Alessandro Venerandi arbeitet an einer Armutsbewertung anhand von Zentralitätskriterien in OpenStreetMap-Daten.
  • Severin (alias sev_osm) hat einen Blogeintrag geschrieben, in dem er seine Frustrationen und Gründe für seinen Rücktritt aus der HOT US Corporation mitteilt.
  • Rachel VanNice bedankt sich in den HOT News an die Community für die wertvoll geleistete Arbeit und Hilfe in diesem Jahr. Die vielen Naturkatastrophen stellten eine besondere Herausforderung dar und ein Video unterstützt diesen Dank. Gleichzeitig die Aufforderung, nicht nachzulassen und mit noch mehr Kraft im neuen Jahr sich gemeinsam bekannte und weiteren Herausforderungen zu stellen.
  • Die OpenTopoMap ordnet jetzt Gipfel nach ihrer Dominanz. Auf Zoomlevel 8 werden beispielsweise Berge mit einer Dominanz größer als 100 km dargestellt. Nähere Erläuterungen stehen in diesem Forumsbeitrag.
  • OSM wird von Pokémon Go jetzt anscheinend in mehr Ländern als bislang für die Basiskartographie verwendet. In der Liste der Neumapper kann man den Einfluss erkennen. Anders als früher gibt es einen geringeren Anteil an unvernünftigen Mappern. Siehe dazu auch einen Thread im OSM-Forum.
  • Garmins Pilot 9.1 App verwendet ab sofort OpenStreetMap für mehr Datenreichtum.
  • Die Stadt Cambridge (UK) hat eine Woche lang anonymisierte Fahrzeugbewegungen, die mit ANPR, einem System zur automatischen Kennzeichenerfassung (Anm. d. Red.), erfasst wurden, veröffentlicht.
  • Kevin Arutyunyan zeigt Screenshots von OSM-Daten im neuen 3D-Viewer in QGIS 3.0. Er meint, dass man sähe, wie viel Daten für genaue 3D-Karten noch fehlen würden.
  • Auf eine Frage erklärt mmd, einer der Hauptentwickler der Overpass-API, dass die kommende Version wohl eine Möglichkeit bieten wird, die Länge von Wegen in Metern bestimmen zu lassen.
  • Bisher konnten in “iD” Satellitenbilder nur in 4 Helligkeitsstufen dargestellt werden. In der kommenden Version wird es möglich sein Helligkeit, Kontrast, Sättigung und Schärfe beliebig zwischen 0 und 200% vom Basiswert einzustellen.
  • Komяpa lobt eine Belohnung von 100$ für einen Pull Reqest in mod_tile/renderd aus, der die Kachel-Warteschlange des Standardstils entlasten soll.
  • Thomas Skowron stellt in der Ausgabe 59 seines zusammen mit Ubahnverleih produzierten Podcasts Mikrowelle seine Arbeiten zum Thema Vektortiles, dem Projekt Grandine, dem Geodatenformat Spaten und den Problemen der Renderingtoolchain (Raster und Vektor) vor (ab 0:58:40)
Releases Kennst du schon … Weitere Themen mit Geo-Bezug
  • QGIS 3.0 steht vor der Tür, es gibt viele Verbesserungen und neue Features, was bedeutet, dass die Dokumentation aktualisiert werden muss und die Entwickler dabei Hilfe brauchen können.
  • Die Anfang Oktober gemessenen Spuren an Ruthenium-106 in der Atmosphäre stammen mit hoher Wahrscheinlichkeit aus der Kerntechnischen Anlage Majak. Eine Gefahr für die Öffentlichkeit bestand jedoch aufgrund der geringen Dosis nicht.
  • Die Českých drah (nationale Eisenbahngesellschaft in Tschechien) hat die Verteilung seines Tagebuchs für 2018 für Angestellte, Geschäftspartner usw. gestoppt, da es auf der letzten Seite eine kleine Karte enthält, die mehrere Konfliktgebiete enthält, so z. B.: „Islamischer Staat” oder „Russische Krim”.
Wochenvorschau Wo Was Wann Land online PoliMappers’ Adventures: One mapping quest each day ab 2017-12-01 Rennes Réunion mensuelle 2017-12-11 Lyon Rencontre mensuelle 2017-12-12 Nantes Réunion mensuelle 2017-12-12 Toulouse Rencontre mensuelle 2017-12-13 München Stammtisch 2017-12-14 Dresden Stammtisch 2017-12-14 Berlin DB Open Data Hackathon 2017-12-15-2017-12-16 Bonn Bonner Stammtisch 2017-12-19 Lüneburg Mappertreffen 2017-12-19 Urspring Stammtisch Ulmer Alb 2017-12-28 Düsseldorf Stammtisch 2017-12-29 Essen Mappertreffen 2017-12-30 Bonn FOSSGIS 2018 2018-03-21-2018-03-24

Wer seinen Termin hier in der Liste sehen möchte, trage ihn in den Kalender ein. Nur Termine, die dort stehen, werden in die Wochennotiz übernommen. Bitte prüfe die Veranstaltung in unserem öffentlichen Kalendertool und korrigiere bitte die Einträge im Kalender, wenn notwendig.

Diese Wochennotiz wurde erstellt von Nakaner, Peda, SK53, SomeoneElse, Spanholz, Tordanik, bjoern_m, derFred, jinalfoflia.

mapper die voor problemen zorgt

sam 9 déc 2017 - 21:30

in project 3630 verschillende tasks GERMANIAGERMAN heeft gevalideerd. nog niet zo'n puinhoop gezien. diverse berichten gestuurd met cc aan Bigardot task 313 en andere

Dynamic manipulation of styles based on object values in libosmscout

sam 9 déc 2017 - 15:57

As just stated on the Fossgis Hackingweekend at the Linuxhotel in Essen... "I'm mapping the year of constrcution for a (huge) number of houses. I'm looking for a way to visualize this on the map".

Likely multiple solutions exist, but how to do this with libosmscout?

At the start of the weekend this was not yet possible. Small discussion with another developer (not at the weekend) showed, that a general approach was needed, as colouring of ways based on attributes has also interesting use cases (hint: colour of metro lines).

Libosmscout implements tag and value combinations as features. All possible features of an object type (configurable during import) are flag in a bit set, if an concrete object has the feature.

The value of an feature is implemented as simple class that must offer serialization and deserialization methods.

So first we write a new Feature implementation that parses the start_date and year_of_construction tags. The new Feature will have two int attribute for the start and end year. Investigation of the actual tag values show and creation time can be an time interval, for our needs the year however is enough. Depending on the use case other implementation could be possible, too.

We need to do some string parsing to get most of the possible variants of the tag values parsed. Mapper: Please do not be to creative ;-)

Afterwards we add the possibility to register style processors into the rendering pipeline. The processor has a simple interface. It gets the list of feature values and the style as defined by the style sheet. It returns either the original style or a (cache) new style instance. Processors are registered by type.

Next step is to implement a simple processor for the type building. The processor checks if the construction year feature is available and the year between 1800 and 2020. In this case it return a red fill style, with the actual brightness depending on the age. Older buildings get darker red.

See the result:

Since there are not that much buildings with construction year mapped, let us try something more visible. Different colors depending on the house number been odd even (or not numerical).

Now that looks more obvious :-)

Fine. That was fun. Now back to code to refactor it for a slightly better API...

Dog health

sam 9 déc 2017 - 3:35

My dog feeding page may well surprise you! The ideal dog food for your dog is actual homemade food – primarily meat and vegetables. If you're looking for healthy dog food, actual homemade food, Genuine meals. Actual chicken, turkey, beef, bison, venison, lamb, fish. A small amount of fresh vegetables and fruits. Occasionally yogurt or eggs.